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Guarding Public Interest in Policing


Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act No. 35 of 2011 was assented November 11, 2011.

Provides for civilian oversight of the work of the Police; to establish the Independent Policing Oversight Authority; to provide for its functions and powers and for connected purposes.

Independence of the Authority

  1. In the performance of its functions the Authority shall subject to
    section 34, not be subject to any person, office or authority.
  2. The Authority shall observe the principle of impartiality and rules of
    natural justice in the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions.
  3. Every Government officer or institution shall accord the Authority such
    assistance and protection as may be necessary to ensure its independence,
    impartiality, dignity and effectiveness.
  4. No person or body may interfere with the decision making, functioning or
    operations of the Authority.
  5. Parliament shall ensure that the Authority is adequately funded for it to
    effectively and efficiently perform all of its functions.

Objectives of the Authority

The objectives of the Authority shall be to—

Give effect to the provision of Article 244 of the Constitution that the
Police shall strive for professionalism and discipline and shall promote
and practice transparency and accountability

Ensure independent oversight of the handling of complaints by the