Holding the police accountable to the public is a key function of the coordinated effort the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has performed since its creation and continues to play as a critical ingredient of guarding public interest in policing.   

Every six months, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) submits to the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and National Administration a report on its performance, along with any recommendations it deems appropriate to improve the functioning of the National Police Service.

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The Cabinet Secretary arranges for the report to be tabled before the National Assembly within fourteen days of receiving it. The performance report is also shared to the Inspector General of Police, the National Police Service Commission, the County Assemblies, criminal justice system institutions and the public. 

These reports detail the Authority’s performance in relation to its mandate, along with its successes, setbacks, and suggested improvements for the National Police Service (NPS). The reports demonstrate how IPOA impacts the police service as mandated, and the work done to realise IPOA’s Key Result Areas (KRAs) captured in its strategic plan.

This includes a breakdown of the activities done, statistics on action taken on complaints disposed off by the Authority, recommendations proposed during the time period under assessment, and developing patterns identified in the handled cases.

The reports further bear an accumulated inventory of operational statistics, cases before courts, convictions made since inception. The report also presents a comparative performance analysis of the period to earlier periods to indicate the progress towards delivery of the Authority’s mandate.

The reports also reflect on any other matters that the Authority wishes to bring to the attention of the National Assembly, for its necessary attention.

The performance reports demonstrate how IPOA partners with stakeholders to deliver on its mandate. This is mainly through referral of complaints to partners like the Internal Affairs Unit, Commission on Administrative Justice, the National Police Service, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the National Police Service Commission and others.

To facilitate comprehension and make room for analyses, the Authority includes charts, tables and photographs to complement the data and statistics. Once published, the Authority disseminates its performance reports through various channels including its website and social media platforms.