On October 13, 2021, POLICARE came to life.   

This was a response to a high incidence of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Kenya.

Intervention measures that form the bedrock of the initiative are a concerted effort of key State and non-State agencies whose personnel often come face to face with victims of this form of violence.

While POLICARE is domiciled within the National Police Service, the model is a multi-agency approach that draws expertise that exists across several other institutions.

Some of its key elements include efficient and compassionate handling of victims, right from when violation of a victim occurs to when a conviction against the culprit is made.

During its launch at the Kenya School of Government by the First Lady, H.E Margaret Kenyatta, it did not escape its exponents that victims of gender based violence need special treatment, unique from other forms of violence.

POLICARE, the acronym for POLICE CARES, will be implemented through various means including Strategy, Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

The inaugural Policare centre is domiciled at old Nairobi area police headquarters on Ngong Road, with a plan to open more facilities across the country.

Following the launch, Independent Policing Oversight Authority Chairperson Mrs. Makori noted: “I thank the Ministry of Public Service, the Ministry of Health, the Gender Commission, the Donor Community and the Inspector General of Police for conceiving this noble idea to contribute to the professionalisation of the National Police Service through routing for empathetic mechanisms for managing the reporting and management of sexual and gender-based crime.”