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Guarding Public Interest in Policing

Celebrating Women – Are We There Yet?

Ms. Fatuma Ngwena is an intern at IPOA on a Government Programme

What rights do women enjoy in our society without bias?

Women should enjoy freedom of expression, movement, social interactions and right not to be harassed in any working environment be it private or public.

Let us create a safe environment for women in whichever capacity possible.

Working towards creating a safe space for the women in our society, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority will work hand in hand with other stakeholders, in protecting women aspirants’ during the upcoming national elections. The Authority will ensure that police officers’ conduct themselves on the highest standard of professionalism during the upcoming Kenya general elections in policing.

We believe in women empowerment as they inspire the family and society at large. Leading as an example, the Authority is headed by Mrs Anne Makori, the Chairperson alongside three female commissioners Fatuma Mohamud Mohamed, Praxedes Tororey and Doreen Muthaura out of the eight commissioners. Women have equal rights as men to be in different leadership positions.

In the recent heinous and cruel act of violence committed against the young female motorist by rogue boda boda riders along Forest road on Saturday, we join hands with other Kenyans in condemning the act and call for justice to take place and hold the perpetrators accountable for the terror act. We should together put an end to violence against women.

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