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Guarding Public Interest in Policing

Fatuma Ngwena

Ms. Ngwena is an intern at the Independent Policing Oversight Authority on a Government programme. She writes on issues of national interest touching on police and police oversight mechanisms.

Appreciate A Police Officer Today

Too often, the hard and dangerous work that our National Police Service officers do, goes unnoticed or at least unrecognised. Most people think that the police are always on the wrong, citing police misconduct, always condemning the police and pointing fingers at the law enforcement agencies. There are a lot of reasons to thank our local police officers

Celebrating Women – Are We There Yet?

What rights do women enjoy in our society without bias? Women should enjoy freedom of expression, movement, social interactions and right not to be harassed in any working environment be it private or public. Let us create a safe environment for women in whichever capacity possible