The High Court in Garissa today Thursday, November 4, 2021 sentenced two police officers to ten (10) years in prison each for the death of Ms. Abdia Omar Adan in Rhamu, Mandera County.

Lady Justice Abida Ali-Aroni, while meting out the sentence noted that the Court weighed all relevant factors including that the action of the accused persons caused a major loss – death.

The Court also noted that while Section 205 of the Penal Code stipulates that offenders are liable to life imprisonment, the Court has discretion on the punishment.

The disgraced officers – Denis Langat and Kennedy Okuli – were initially arraigned for murder but the court commuted the charge to manslaughter after considering the circumstances surrounding the shooting, including public mayhem that occurred during the incident.

They were found guilty in July in the case investigated by IPOA.

Ms. Adan was shot dead on November 10, 2018, during a raid at her home by officers from Rhamu police station during a mission to arrest her son who the police had cited for dealing in cannabis sativa (bhang).