The new Financial Year July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 is barely a week old and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority has embarked on preparing a performance report (January – June 2022), showing the number of complaints received, investigations handled and inspections conducted, among other areas of assessment.

Until then, IPOA presents a recap of the preceding report covering six months, from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

During Inspections, IPOA officials visited 144 police premises and among other parameters, the spotlight was on the areas highlighted below.

  • Water and Lighting
  • Report desk
  • Customer care desk
  • Child Protection Unit
  • Separated female and male cells
  • Juvenile cells
  • Bedding
  • OB (Occurrence Book)
  • Cell Register
  • Arms/movement register
  • Vehicles
  • Stationery
  • Police uniform/protective gear
  • Exhibits
  • Detainees’ property register
  • Detainees’ meals
  • Availability of computers
  • Fire /First Aid equipment

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority has made a raft of recommendations, following a series of inspections spanning six months, targeting 144 police premises, especially stations across the country.

Once implemented, the proposals promise conditions “fit for human habitation” to people who are held in custody, those seeking police forms will no longer be required to pay for costs like printing, police vehicles will not run out of fuel and commanders will involve communities in their areas of jurisdiction in making policing decisions.

Further recommendations include prompt payment of hardship, transfer and operations allowances to police officers, an area that the Authority noted continues to suffer delayed payments.

The Authority also highlighted the need to fast-track conversion courses for officers who were assimilated into general duty, from the Administration Police, “to make them conversant with
the necessary laws and procedures to enable them to competently and confidently carry
out all policing duties.”

It involved visits to 124 police establishments under the Kenya Police Service, 16 others designated to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and 2 for specialised units.

The wide range of inspections, which also sought to find out if the plight of children and the physically incapacitated citizens was considered at police stations, was informed by legal demands.

“The functions of the Authority shall be to— conduct inspections of Police premises, including detention facilities under the control of the Service;”

Section 6 (e), Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act

Subsequently, Section (k) states that the Authority make “recommendations to the Service or any State organ.”

The findings and recommendations have been forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Besides Inspections, the report also highlights other functions including Investigations

Read the full report in pdf: Performance Report July 1 – December 31 2021