The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), committed to enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness in serving the public,  has embarked on a major project to modernize its data management systems.
The project includes the refurbishment of IPOA’s cutting-edge data center and the comprehensive automation of all Authority’s data. This ambitious initiative is geared towards fortifying the Authority’s business systems and internal processes, with a primary focus on enhancing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.
The ECM system is at the core of Authority’s operations, assisting in overseeing essential day-to-day functions such as complaints management, counselling services, investigations, inspections, research, monitoring, legal services, records management, ICT, risk management, compliance, security, and communication outreach operations. The completion rate for the ECM system is currently at 85%, with quality assurance evaluation being carried out by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

IPOA staff and officials from various Tech companies including InfoGain Consulting who were involved in the Data centre construction inspecting the functioning of the centre

Significant progress has also been made in the implementation of the ERP system, which is dedicated to streamlining Human Resources, Procurement, and Finance services. This system will play a pivotal role in managing all aspects related to these vital areas.
The Authority’s dedication to excellence is further exemplified by the establishment of two state-of-the-art data centers, strategically located in Nairobi and Nakuru. The inauguration of the Nairobi data center took place in November 2022, an event that was graced by the esteemed US Embassy Deputy Assistant Secretary, Tobin Bradley. These advanced data centers are crucial in housing and safeguarding critical ICT infrastructure, reinforcing IPOA’s commitment to optimal data management and security.
The decision to embrace data automation has already yielded promising results and significantly reduced errors linked to manual data entry and processing. Additionally, it has enabled seamless electronic file tracing, vastly simplifying data management processes.
Currently, all complaints received are efficiently logged into the ECM system, ensuring they are readily accessible and processed by authorized IPOA personnel. This comprehensive data automation has led to a substantial improvement in accuracy, reliability, productivity, operation visibility and employee morale.
As British statistician and marketing expert Clive Humby famously remarked, “Data is the new oil.” Indeed, data has become an invaluable asset that empowers better decision-making, improves efficiency, and fosters innovation.
“This significant step toward automating all data exemplifies the authority’s unwavering commitment to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. By mitigating errors, improving data traceability, and promoting information accessibility, data automation substantially bolsters Authority’s capacity to serve the public more effectively in line with the Government digitization and digitalization agenda,” said Mr. Kennedy Ndire the Head of ICT at IPOA.
The refurbishment of the data center and the comprehensive automation of data have presented a complex and challenging endeavor, but one that is absolutely indispensable for Authority to achieve its mandate. Thanks to the steadfast support from the United States Embassy, the Authority is confidently marching towards the successful completion of this vital project.