Be The Change Kenyans Yearn For – IPOA chairperson

Mrs. Anne Makori, EBS addressing cadets at National Police College, Kiganjo.

New police cadets are indebted to Kenyans in hastening reforms in the Service, especially because they are first beneficiaries of a new programme that inducts police leadership recruited directly from the general public.

Independent Policing Oversight Authority Chairperson Anne Makori made the observation while interacting with recently recruited cadets at the National Police College, Kiganjo Campus in Nyeri yesterday.

IPOA Chairperson Mrs Anne Makori gives a lecture to police cadets at Kiganjo Campus on August 19, 2021.

The more than 300 cadets are expected to graduate from the College in January next year and assume managerial duties with ranks of Inspector of Police.

Their competitive recruitment in February targeted university degrees holders, among other qualifications.

Police cadets at Kiganjo Campus follow a presentation by IPOA Chairperson Mrs Anne Makori on August 19, 2021.

During the visit at Kiganjo, Mrs. Makori gave a lecture titled; “IPOA’s mandate and role in enhancing professionalism and accountability in the NPS.”

She told the cadets: “All superior police officers are under obligation to ensure that they don’t issue unlawful orders on use of firearms, ensure their juniors adhere to the required laws on the use of force and that as senior police officers you will be held responsible for issuance of unlawful orders.”

Police cadets at Kiganjo Campus follow a presentation by IPOA Chairperson Mrs Anne Makori on August 19, 2021.

Over the decades, police officers have been recruited at the lowest rank – Police Constable – and rise through the ranks to managerial positions after serving for specified periods with interludes during which they must attend promotional courses.

Mrs. Makori: “As NPS officers, you cannot depart from Chapter 6 of the Constitution that provides for leadership and integrity in the spirit of enhancing professionalism and accountability. Strive to be Integrity Assurance Public Officer shaving in mind that service should be citizen-centered.”

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