The pick-up trucks; *Will help extend the reach of IPOA’s oversight mission *Have off-road capabilities to endure tough terrain *Will shorten response time in far flung areas of Kenya

Deputy Chief of Mission at the Nairobi Embassy Mr. Marc Dillard speaking at the event, IPOA Headquarters, Friday, September 9, 2022. He is with Chairperson Mrs. Anne Makori (left) and IPOA Board

In efforts to widen its reach in providing services across Kenya, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority has today received four vehicles to complement its fleet in parts of the country.

Besides, it will help reduce the time taken between when a complaint is received and the instance a response is made on the ground, particularly in far-flung areas of the country where the terrain is tough.

It is part of long-standing partnership between Kenya and US Governments in security matters and in particular, police oversight.

IPOA needed vehicles to assist its officers at the Regional Offices in conducting investigations, monitoring and inspections of police stations outside the regional capitals

Mr. Dillard

“This donation will go an extra mile in addressing the mobility challenge that our officers had to contend with in their quest to reach far flung areas of our country. Specifically, the vehicles will be used in Garissa, Kakamega, Meru and Mombasa Regions. In these areas, IPOA offices are located at the respective County headquarters but the geographical areas of jurisdiction span many kilometres,” said Chairperson Anne Makori.

The vehicles were delivered by US Government Representative and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Nairobi Embassy Mr. Marc Dillard.

He noted: “The US Government has supported the criminal justice reform movement in Kenya and through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and USAID has accompanied IPOA on its journey.”

Some of the vehicles donated by the US Government at IPOA Headquarters. Friday, September 9, 2022

The US-Kenya partnership also ranges from capacity building, training, information management to equipment grants.

Mr Dillard added: “We commend IPOA on completing its elections monitoring mission throughout Kenya and we congratulate the National Police Service and members of Kenyan law enforcement for maintaining security during this year’s elections.

IPOA has since released a – Preliminary Report on the Conduct of Police During 2022 Elections – and covers events prior, during and after the electioneering period.

Mrs. Makori further lauded Kenya-US relationship as historical and noted: “The two Governments have been active in demilitarisation of the police, reduction of excessive use of force in dealing with civilians and general observance of human rights while enforcing the law,”