The Independent Policing Oversight Authority hosted and sensitized students from United States International University Africa (USIU) about IPOAs mandate and functions. The students who were accompanied by their lecturer, Professor Terry Odhiambo visited IPOA offices where they interacted with officers from various departments.

Senior Complaints officer, Caroline Letura, took the students through the IPOA Complaint taking and management, with details on how and where to file a complaint, the filing process and the duration it takes for one to get feedback from the Authority.

Principal Inspection and Monitoring Officer, Job Mugiira sensitized the students- who were hungry for more knowledge about the Authority- on what the Inspection, Research and Monitoring department does.

 Mr. Mugiira took them through on what types of Inspection the Authority carries out, how often they carry out the inspections in different police premises across the country. He also, mentioned that from these inspections, the Authority has seen improvement in Police premises courtesy of IPOA.

He also laid out the various milestones made by the department, among them; the improvement of the condition of detention facilities, the fact that detainees can now have three meals a day, and accessibility of clean drinking water and hygienic toilets.

He revealed how the department researches and monitors complaints referred to it from the Complaints department.

IPOA Head of Security, Mr Benson Milao (Right) issues a certificate to USIU student, William Rui after the session.

From investigation department, Senior Investigations Officer, Irene Inoti took the students through IPOA’s investigation process from how investigation starts to the time files are reviewed and forwarded to Office of the Director of Public Direction (ODPP) for prosecution.

She also added that in investigation, evidence has to be well kept to avoid contamination and ensure accountability in handling such evidence. She further stated that, if evidence is tampered with, a case may collapse ending the case.

Principal Legal Officer, Bernadette Mutie sensitized the students on the legal procedures the Authority applies before a file is forwarded to ODPP for prosecution. He also added that IPOA has no power to prosecute and ODPP has to review the files and sometimes files may be returned for lacking enough evidence to prosecute.

On behalf of CEO, Head of Security services at IPOA Mr. Benson Milao, closed the session with a plea to the students to be good ambassadors policing rights. Mr. Milao also issued the students with certificates of participation.