NPS Act, Section 49 (5) – Where a police officer is authorized by law to use force, the officer shall do so in compliance with the guidelines set out in the Sixth Schedule

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority is investigating a fatal shooting at Masimba, Kajiado County, during which four people died and others injured on Thursday June 2, 2022.

The investigation is informed by Section 7 of IPOA Act which dictates that deaths and injuries occasioned by actions of the police be investigated by the Authority.

The police are also bound to report to the Authority, deaths, injuries and other grave consequences for independent investigations, as dictated in Section 5 of the Sixth Schedule of the National Police Service Act.

A Rapid Response team dispatched from the headquarters in Nairobi, arrived at Masinga on Friday morning, June 3, 2022.

In addressing the matter, Chairperson Mrs. Anne Makori noted that our first responders are obliged to “obtain all information that may be relevant in unveiling the circumstances surrounding the incident. On completion of the investigations, where fault is found, the Authority shall make recommendations, including but not limited to prosecution.”

She added that the investigation would be independent, impartial and fair.

Among others steps, the investigators would collect evidence by interviewing the survivors, eye witnesses, police officers involved including their commanders, attend post-mortem examination and obtain the pathologists’ report, as well as seek ballistic examination reports.