Fatal Shooting At LakeView, Nakuru

On Sunday, June 12, 2022, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority learnt of a shooting incident during which a Nineteen (19) year-old student was fatally injured while another sustained injuries at Lakeview, Nakuru County.

Based on immediate reports that there was police involvement, the Authority dispatched a Rapid Response Team with the aim of inquiring further into the incident.

This is informed by Section 7 (a)(x) of IPOA Act which dictates that deaths and injuries occasioned by actions of the police be investigated by the Authority, and Section 5 of the Sixth Schedule of the National Police Service Act which compels the police to report all deaths, serious injury and other grave consequences to the Authority for investigations.

“We have spoken to some members of the family in grief and extend our condolences to their friends and other people who have been affected,” said Chairperson Mrs. Anne Makori.

The response team has since interviewed some of the witnesses and contacted police officers including commanders, among other procedures of investigations, with the aim of obtaining all information and material relevant in unravelling circumstances surrounding the incident.

More to follow….

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