The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) completed investigations into 477 cases, according to the recently published report.

It shows that from January to end of June 2022, the cases investigated had various outcomes including nineteen (19), which were forwarded with recommendations to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Recommendations to the office of the DPP also vary on a case by case, and may include a proposal for prosecution where criminal culpability is found on the conduct of a police officer, public inquest where death occurred and a Magistrate’s Court is required to hear and determine its causes and circumstances, or even to dispose of a complaint in the event a probe established that force was used justifiably.

The DPP has discretion over decisions on the way forward since the office reviews all case files independently.

At the closure of the half-year period, there were 107 cases pending in courts of law whereby officers were arraigned for various offences.

Scope of investigations

Police Misconduct –  to receive and investigate complaints made against the members of the Service.

Death or serious injury – that are the result of Police action or caused by members of the Service while on duty

Death or serious injury – while in Police custody.

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Since inception, the Authority has handled and completed 3,884 investigations.

According to the report, “completion of investigations has gradually grown over time attributed to sustained growth in staff capacity, training and financial allocation.”

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Functions of the Authority: Investigate any complaints related to disciplinary or criminal offences committed by any member of the National Police Service, whether on its own motion or on receipt of a complaint, and make recommendations to the relevant authorities, including recommendations for prosecution, compensation, internal disciplinary action or any other appropriate relief, and shall make public the response received to these recommendations;

Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act.