The Independent Policing Oversight Authority is investigating the death of Mr. Brilliant Anusu in Machakos Town.

Preliminary reports indicate the student at Machakos University was fatally wounded Monday, December 5, 2022.

IPOA took up the matter after establishing that the unfortunate incident happened when police officers responded to demonstrations staged by university students in the town.

The students were protesting following a previous incident, in which one of their mates was robbed and assaulted, allegedly by a police officer.

Media reports indicated that during the demonstrations, there were running battles, pitting police officers against the students.

The Authority launched the investigation on own motion, in line with the dictates of IPOA Act.

Powers of the Authority
The Authority shall have all the powers necessary for the execution of its functions under this Act, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Authority shall have the power – to investigate the Service (police) on its own motion or on receipt of complaints from members of the public, and for that purpose, to gather any information it considers necessary by such lawful means as it may deem appropriate, including by— investigating any death or serious injury occurring or suspected of having occurred as a result of police action.

Section 7, Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act

In a statement – Read the statement – IPOA Chairperson Anne Makori, reiterated that the Authority remains independent, impartial and fair in all its investigations.

She said: “In line with provisions of IPOA  Act, which dictates that injuries occasioned by actions of the police be investigated by the Authority, a Rapid Response Team has been dispatched to the area with instructions to obtain all information that may be relevant in unveiling the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

“Where fault is found, the Authority shall make recommendations, including but not limited to prosecution,” said Mrs. Makori,